Are California native trees better wildlife habitat?

Maybe, but how much better? Exotic trees are also vital to urban forest wildlife habitats. Ryan Gilpin, Consulting Ecological Arborist. HortScience/Bartlett Consulting. Urban trees are important to wildlife and humans. Native trees are thought to provide better wildlife habitat than non-native trees. However, there is little scientific evidence that supports this claim, especially in California. And while native trees may … Read More

How Stress Impacts Birds

Stress is a natural part of life for birds, just as it is for humans, however urban environments present a number of unique stresses to birds, just as it does for us. Here are a few examples about which you may be unaware, want to consider, or to which you can even relate. Persistent, high noise, such as under bridges … Read More

Location, location! For nesting birds—a big decision!

Ever wonder how parent birds choose where to nest?  Not surprising, birds and humans share some common considerations when seeking a place to call home.  See if any of the following sound familiar.  Is there a sufficient supply of the right kind of food nearby?  Are there may dangers lurking?  You see, birds take stock of potential predators from the … Read More