Poorly Located Palms Pose Risks for People and Wildlife

Orioles and arborists could wholeheartedly concur on one thing. Planting palms in the wrong location can be a tragedy waiting to happen. This is particularly true in suburban areas where some palms pose safety and liability risks. Let’s spell out the complexities. Palm owners often hire tree pruners annually for a number of reasons. Dead fronds of some species can … Read More

Are California native trees better wildlife habitat?

Maybe, but how much better? Exotic trees are also vital to urban forest wildlife habitats. Ryan Gilpin, Consulting Ecological Arborist. HortScience/Bartlett Consulting. Urban trees are important to wildlife and humans. Native trees are thought to provide better wildlife habitat than non-native trees. However, there is little scientific evidence that supports this claim, especially in California. And while native trees may … Read More