Seeking Comments on Draft of Best Management Practices

for CA, NV, AZ, and HI

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The Tree Care for Birds and Other Wildlife Program is a recognized committee of the Western Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture. Participants represent the tree care industry and wildlife advocates in California, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii. The project's principal supporters are CalFire and The Britton Fund. Other supporters are acknowledged on our About Us page.

Best Management Practices have been established to protect birds and other wildlife during and beyond the nesting season, and to enhance habitat. The project advocates proper training of tree care providers and encourages those that hire them to require they adopt these practices.

Upcoming Wildlife Arborist Webinar Series

Ryan Gilpin again assumes the role of trainer to focus on the best practices to act responsibly around wildlife during tree care in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Hawaii. He will cover topics such as laws regulating wildlife, when and where you are most likely to encounter nesting birds, practices to minimize impacts to nesting birds and managing wildlife habitat through urban forestry. There will be two live sessions one month apart (Thursday 4 Nov and 2 Dec 2021) with homework to be completed in between sessions.

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