Tree Care Volunteers in CA Needed to put Baby Birds back in their Nest

Would your tree care company be interested in occasionally volunteering to return a baby bird to its nest in a tree? Wildlife rehabilitation centers in California are reaching out to us for help. During the nesting season they occasionally receive reports that a bird has fallen from its nest. When they have determined that the bird is uninjured and doesn’t need to be brought in for care they need a tree climber and/or a bucket truck to return the bird to its nest.

Another scenario might be that a wildlife rehabilitation center has treated an immature bird and wants it returned to its nest. In such cases a volunteer would deliver the bird to the tree care provider at the tree location. These bird rescues and returns would be guided by the wildlife rehab volunteer.

Our experience tells us that tree care providers find these memorable and gratifying experiences. They are a good public relations opportunity for you company as well! Tree care for Birds and other Wildlife would be proud to give your company a 'hero's shout out’ on its Facebook page. Please say yes, and contact us.


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  1. I’m not a tree company. Do you have a segment for adult volunteering in the Encino – Sherman Oaks area in California to help as an Audubon Bird supporter! Retired teacher

    1. We apologize for the long delay in responding to your inquiry. We are unclear as to what you have in mind or would be interested in doing if you are not able to climb trees or have equipment to return birds to their nests high in trees. Would you be interested in volunteering at a Wildlife rehab center near you? These facilities often welcome volunteers. You can do an internet search for the wildlife centers nearest to you. If you use social media you can share some of the informational resources on our website with your followers. If you are an Audubon member and regularly bird in a location during the breeding season and you see signs of nesting you can report it to the property owner or manager so that they are aware of this can avoid trimming in the location until the birds have left. Thank you for your inquiry. If this does not answer your question, you can reach out directly to:

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