A Home Gardener in New York delights us with her efforts to support wildlife

Recently Jennifer MacStaples from the State of New York wrote us with this question: “I have a large Norway Maple that is in my backyard which I am going to remove because it is non-native, invasive, and crowding out some native Eastern Hemlocks. I am considering turning it into a snag by having an arborist cut it off at 20′, … Read More

Tree Care for Wildlife Training provided new benefits for tree care workers in San Diego

tree care workers

Photo: about 40 attendees broke into small groups for a pre-work survey. Did you miss this year’s annual Field Day at Balboa Park in San Diego?  Among the awesome list of opportunities was a four-hour training program to reduce impact on nesting wildlife during tree care.  It was delivered in Spanish as well as English!   Co-leaders, Andrew Trotter and Gillian … Read More

WCISA 2021 CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHTS: Far out Arboriculture, a virtual discovery of the lost coast

sequoia trees

Photo: Shutterstock, Allie Caulfield by Gillian Martin Arborists and tree care workers in the west are riding the moon this week. We hope wildlife advocates will celebrate with us. The Western Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture just held its annual conference…virtually of course. A banquet of topics spanned four days! Several presentations covered issues that might be of … Read More