Arborists want to protect wildlife, but guidance and information is lacking in many regions.

Baby hummingbirds in nest. Photo by Peggy Honda By Amber Graves Alvares, Registered Consulting Arborist and member of the Tree Care for Birds and other Wildlife Committee, Western Chapter International Society of Arboriculture How do arborists feel about environmental policies and protections for wildlife? What are their experiences with wildlife in the field? In a peer-reviewed article published in the … Read More

Messy landscapes support birds and other wildlife

House with native plants in front¬†yardPhoto courtesy of Christian Barnard By Ryan Suttle.  Consulting Arborist and Urban Forester.  Conventional urban landscape management strives for a tidy appearance.  Grass is mowed to a uniform height, hedges are carefully sculpted, weeds are plucked, and dead branches are removed from trees.  While these cultural practices perpetuate the idea of an attractive landscape, birds … Read More

Baby hawk reunited with its family thanks to many!

Photo by Harmonie Wooley MAY 19, 2023 Do you think you could survive a 90 ft fall from the top of a tree? This young red-tailed hawk did! Unbelievably the bird was not seriously injured and did not become dinner for the mob of crows present at the scene! Even better, it was reunited with its family within two days! … Read More