Teamwork Reunites Baby Owl and Parents in Long Beach

Photo by Mary Jane Sesto Baby owls, like their young human counterparts, can have accidents while still ‘getting their legs’…or in this case, their wings. One of three Great Horned owl youngsters caused a flurry of concern on Friday when it fell to the ground from its 50ft high nest on a trial near the Nature Center in El Dorado … Read More

The ‘troublesome’ Sapsucker is a Good Neighbor to ‘double-dipping’ Forest Dwellers.

Red-naped Sapsucker xylum wells Sandrine Biziaux Scherson

Red-naped Sapsucker xylum wells. Photo by Sandrine Biziaux Scherson by Gillian Martin Throughout the year sapsuckers drill wells for sap in healthy and stressed trees. In early spring, the bird first drills narrow, circular wells into the tree’s xylem—the inner part of the trunk—to feed on sap moving up to the branches. After the tree leafs out, the sapsucker begins … Read More

American Robin (Turdus migratorius)

Photo by Mucky 38 By Gillian Martin As American as apple pie, vanilla ice cream and the national anthem, the robin is an icon of urban backyards, parks, farmlands, fruit orchards and clearings in forests. Its melodic warble, “Cheerily, cheer up, cheer up” spills from tree tops anywhere there is short grass or meadow. Thirty-three poems have its name in … Read More