Wildlife Trained Arborist List (for Customers)

Four Spokane Audubon members trained arborists on local birds and wildlife rehabilitation at a Wildlife Workshop and wanted a list of local arborists who had training on snag creation and management.

Updated November 2, 2023

This article is to provide additional information to customers about Tree Care for Birds Wildlife Trained Arborist list. Relatively frequently, wildlife lovers ask us who has taken our training and would be a good choice to hire for their project. We want to connect the people who want to hire Wildlife Trained Arborists with you. We have another post with more information for tree care professionals who want to be on the Wildlife Trained Arborist list. 

Theoretically, all tree care professionals should be aware of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and inspect for signs of nesting wildlife before pruning trees. These recommendations have been in our most important industry documents (ANSI A300 Standards and ISA Pruning BMPs) for years. But hundreds of arborists have taken training about these laws, best practices for minimizing impacts to nesting wildlife and managing wildlife habitat through urban forestry.

As Wildlife Trained Arborists add themselves to this list, it will be harder to sort through the list to find one in your area. So, we created a map to help you navigate to your area and select a local Wildlife Trained Arborist. At this time, most of the Wildlife Trained Arborists are on the west coast of North America. Note that some Wildlife Trained Arborists have entered only their zip code and their exact location is not showing up accurately in the map, but it should be good enough for our purposes.

The Tree Care for Birds and other Wildlife Committee and the Western Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture are not in any way responsible for any actions on the part of these individuals or companies which may result in harm or damage as a result of utilizing their service. It is a good idea to ask these companies for references, verify their credentials, ask for evidence of insurance and bonding, etc.

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