Why Change our Minds about Birds we are Inclined to Hate

by Gillian Martin Did a person but know the value of an enemy, he would purchase him with pure gold    —Raunci Have you spent time looking for family members on genealogy websites? It’s great fun, isn’t it, to discover look-alikes and common traits among newly discovered relatives. There are birds likely around you every day that are related…but perhaps you were … Read More

Taking the ‘defect’​ out of tree risk-benefit management strategies

Photo by Joe Galkowski By Acer VenturaDitching the defectThe word ‘Defect’ no longer appears in any of VALID’s Tree Risk-Benefit Management Strategies. Even though it was there in the qualified form of ‘Obvious Tree Defects’, the tree defect issue has been knocking at the door of reasonable, proportionate, and reasonably practicable tree risk-benefit management for a while now. The volume … Read More

The Dawn Chorus

Imagine what it would be like to hear a 24-hour time-lapse recording of the dawn chorus as it follows the spread of light across the planet.  Imagine the myriad of voices emanating from the forest floor and tree tops; birds announcing that they’ve made it through the night and still lay claim to their territory!  Science suggests there may be … Read More