The Dawn Chorus

Imagine what it would be like to hear a 24-hour time-lapse recording of the dawn chorus as it follows the spread of light across the planet.  Imagine the myriad of voices emanating from the forest floor and tree tops; birds announcing that they’ve made it through the night and still lay claim to their territory!  Science suggests there may be … Read More

The number one rule about rescuing baby birds

When tragedy happens how often do we say, “If only… If only.”  Looking back on this story about two rescued baby Acorn Woodpeckers, “If only” applied not once, but three times in the decision-making process.  The outcome might have been more positive and less costly had those involved been better informed.  These circumstances included a construction crew (which likely removed … Read More

Re-thinking a Moratorium on Tree Care for Birds

The welfare of trees, birds and humans are linked. Trees are not only vital habitat for birds, but they provide many ecosystem functions that benefit humans.  Energy savings, water sequestration and cleaner air are just a few examples.  By caring for trees properly we reduce the chance of pests and disease, increase their longevity, reduce the impact of climate change … Read More