Wildlife Trained Arborist Program

Photo by Nurit Katz Would you like to be on our Wildlife Trained Arborist referral list? Are you a certified arborist who has taken our four-hour Wildlife Trained Arborist Program? Or perhaps you’ve received similar training from Sims Trees Wildlife Aware Program, or equivalent training from another entity? If the answer is yes, we encourage you to apply to be … Read More

Trees are trees, so why would diversity matter?

by Gary Balcerak You may have heard people bemoaning the lack of diversity among the species that make up the urban forest of your community and thought, why would it matter? It turns out there are numerous reasons why it matters. Protection from a single pathogen killing off a large portion of the urban forest in a short amount of … Read More

American Robin (Turdus migratorius)

Photo by Mucky 38 By Gillian Martin As American as apple pie, vanilla ice cream and the national anthem, the robin is an icon of urban backyards, parks, farmlands, fruit orchards and clearings in forests. Its melodic warble, “Cheerily, cheer up, cheer up” spills from tree tops anywhere there is short grass or meadow. Thirty-three poems have its name in … Read More