How Stress Impacts Birds

Stress is a natural part of life for birds, just as it is for humans, however urban environments present a number of unique stresses to birds, just as it does for us. Here are a few examples about which you may be unaware, want to consider, or to which you can even relate. Persistent, high noise, such as under bridges … Read More

Location, location! For nesting birds—a big decision!

Ever wonder how parent birds choose where to nest?  Not surprising, birds and humans share some common considerations when seeking a place to call home.  See if any of the following sound familiar.  Is there a sufficient supply of the right kind of food nearby?  Are there may dangers lurking?  You see, birds take stock of potential predators from the … Read More

Not Any Fruit will do for a Bird

Cedar waxwings enjoy serviceberries.    Photo by USFWSIn fall and winter many birds, even insectivorous species, consume wild fruit. Did you know that they are picky about what fruit they select? Not all fruits are nutritionally the same. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Handbook of Bird Biology, Third Edition reports that a bird’s physiology limits which fruits it can easily digest. … Read More