Pruning to Harm Trees: a mind-rocking topic by Johan Ostberg, Ph.D.

by Gillian Martin Johan Ostberg, Ph.D. ‘Pruning to Harm Trees’ seems like an alarming title for a training program for arborists, doesn’t it? But this was the title of a presentation by Johan Ostberg Ph.D, Professor at the Swedish Institute of Agricultural Science in the City of Malmö, Sweden. He recently stepped up to the podium at the Los Angeles/Orange … Read More

Acorn Woodpeckers in Silverado, CA get help from Southern California Edison Electric Company

by Gillian Martin The remote, two-lane Modjeska Canyon Road in Silverado, California curves through grand old oaks and sycamores that splatter it with dappled light. Engineers appear to have contoured the road to accommodate a few of them; a commendable recognition that this territory is long held by Nature and deserves respect. The trees and steep walls of the canyon … Read More

Three Considerations Before Pruning Trees in Fall and Winter

First, ask ‘why’ instead of ‘how to’ prune. Trees, like people, should routinely have ‘check-ups’. However, they don’t necessarily need ‘surgery’ annually. Removing limbs has unseen outcomes. Pruning reduces a tree’s ability to make food for itself, so it must use stored energy in the roots to replace what was lost, causing a deficit in the short term. This leaves … Read More