Tree Care Volunteers in CA Needed to put Baby Birds back in their Nest

Would your tree care company be interested in occasionally volunteering to return a baby bird to its nest in a tree? Wildlife rehabilitation centers in California are reaching out to us for help. During the nesting season they occasionally receive reports that a bird has fallen from its nest. When they have determined that the bird is uninjured and doesn’t … Read More

Webinar: How to reduce impact on nesting birds

12 September 2022, 11:00 a.m. PST Are you in the landscape or tree care industry? Here’s an opportunity to set yourself apart and elevate your services to clients. Attend a short live webinar to learn bird protection regulations in California, how to reduce impact to nesting birds during tree and landscape care, and how to handle bird emergencies. CEUs are … Read More

A Home Gardener in New York delights us with her efforts to support wildlife

Recently Jennifer MacStaples from the State of New York wrote us with this question: “I have a large Norway Maple that is in my backyard which I am going to remove because it is non-native, invasive, and crowding out some native Eastern Hemlocks. I am considering turning it into a snag by having an arborist cut it off at 20′, … Read More