A Doughnut-hole Tree is a Story of a Misplaced Tree

Photo by Toto_G Utility companies and tree care providers take no pleasure in creating misshapen trees. They know aggressive and unnatural pruning is usually harmful to a tree’s health and may reduce its life expectancy. Wildlife advocates know it reduces habitat as well. And all agree it reduces a tree’s aesthetic and economic value. However, avoiding conflicts with power lines … Read More

Folsom community rallies to prevent a tragedy for nesting Green Herons

Green Heron support team. Photo by City of Folsom By Gillian Martin Pick a champion, any one! At least half a dozen stand out in a bird crisis-aversion action that was undertaken this week in the town of Folsom, north-east of Sacramento, CA. In previous years, Green Herons nested in an unsuitable tree overhanging a public right of way. The … Read More