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Six objectives are guiding the project:

  1. Compile knowledge about impacts and benefits of tree care practices on nesting birds and other wildlife
  2. Understand issues relating to tree-wildlife conflicts, regulations, public safety risks, and liabilities
  3. Explore how to minimize impacts to nesting birds while acknowledging financial and logistic implications to the tree care industry
  4. Develop Best Management Practices (BMPs) to protect birds and other wildlife and enhance habitats during tree care
  5. Set criteria for training and education programs to protect birds and other wildlife and enhance habitats during tree care
  6. Establish relationships among agencies, cities, utilities, arborists, birders, and other wildlife advocates

The project recognizes that existing and continually emerging invasive tree-pests sometimes impact the quality of urban forests and ultimately, the welfare of wildlife. Evaluation and management of such pests is considered standard practice in arboriculture. It is does not fall within the scope of this project. To learn more about what urban forest managers are doing to reduce the impacts of pests and disease go to this page.

There are three primary audiences for the project. The general public and property owners are secondary audiences.

  • Tree care industries, including arborists and landscapers
  • Public and private managers of urban trees (municipalities, maintenance assessment districts, homeowners associations, property managers)
  • Wildlife advocacy groups and wildlife professionals

Anne Fege, Ph.D. moderates team meetings

Project participants include experts in bird nesting biology and habitats, wildlife regulations, arboriculture, and urban forestry. Work groups have been established, and quarterly workshops are held to review and finalize the project’s work. Tree Care for Birds Roster

If you want to be added to the project contact list, please send email message with Name, Organization and Email address to Gillian Martin, gillian.martin@cavityconservation.com

The project is led by Gillian Martin, Program Director, Cavity Conservation Initiative, and Andy Trotter, Vice President, West Coast Arborists. Administrative and technical support is provided by Anne S. Fege, Ph.D., urban forestry consultant.


The following endorse the mission and the process of this project. A new list of endorsers will be sought when the final BMPs and educational products of this project are complete.

  • West Coast Arborists
  • Cavity Conservation Initiative
  • HortScience
  • Pomona Valley Audubon Society
  • Santa Barbara Audubon
  • San Fernando Valley Audubon
  • Altacal Audubon
  • Sandy deSimone PhD, Director of Research and Education, Starr Ranch
  • Jim Skiera, International Society of Arboriculture
  • Ray Morneau, Ray Morneau Arborists
  • Donna Lee Ekstrom, DRT consulting
  • Elizabeth Mendoza, San Antonio College
  • Bella Acosta, Disney Parks and Resorts
  • Roy Leggitt, Tree Management Experts
  • Luke Midura City Forester
  • John Pavlik, Branch Tree Management
  • Sergio Cervantes, Los Angeles County Public Works
  • Michael Castro, Los Angeles County Public Works
  • Lori Gavitt, The Reserve Club
  • Jamie Nashima, Nashima Designs
  • David Diaz, David’s Tree Service
  • Matt Green, David’s Tree Service
  • Emily Spillett, Davey Tree Service
  • Anne Fenkner, Davey Tree Service
  • Riverside Resource Conservation District
  • Oroville Community Trees
  • Effie Yeaw Nature Center
  • San Diego Audubon

Photo by Sandrine Biziaux Scherson Photography

Please donate to support our work.

California ReLeaf is the fiscal manager of this project.

  • Principal Funders

    California Department of Forestry
         and Fire Protection (CALFIRE)
    The Britton Fund

  • Financial Support

    Allison Levin
    Altacal Audubon
    California Urban Forest Council
    Cavity Conservation Initiative
    Darren Diaz
    David Diaz, David’s Tree Service
    Golden Gate Audubon
    Inland Urban Forest Council
    Judith Lamare
    Palos Verdes/South Bay Audubon
    Pomona Valley Audubon
    Sea and Sage Audubon
    Southern California Bluebird Club
    Torrey Young
    West Coast Arborists

  • Matching Time

    Audubon Starr Ranch
    Bay Area Council
    California Department of Fish and Wildlife
    California Urban Forest Council
    Cavity Conservation Initiative
    Davey Resource Group
    Hispanic Arborists Association
    Madrone Audubon
    Riverside-Corona Resource Council
    San Diego Urban Forest Council
    Sea and Sage Audubon
    Sims Tree Care
    Songbird Care and Education Center
    Southern California Edison
    West Coast Arborists

  • Other In-Kind Support

    Cavity Conservation Initiative
    Fullerton Arboretum
    Riverside-Corona Resource Council
    West Coast Arborists
    Dave Furseth Photography
    Peggy Honda Photography
    Sandrine Biziaux Scherson Photography
    Terry Sohl Photography
    Tom Grey Photography