The Tree Care for Birds and Wildlife project is a state-wide partnership between volunteers of the arboriculture and wildlife communities of California to enhance habitat through tree care practices.

Begun in July 2015, this three-year project focuses on tree care to protect birds and other wildlife during and beyond nesting season as well as on ways to enhance habitat for birds and other urban wildlife. Its key strategic approach is to develop Best Management Practices (BMPs) which will also set the standards for specialized training and certification for tree care specialists in California. Additional products of the project will include resources for the tree care industry and public education materials.

Project costs are covered by grants and donations.

For comments and questions:
Andrew Trotter, VP West Coast Arborists: atrotter@wcainc.com
Gillian Martin, Director, Cavity Conservation Initiative: gillian.martin@cavityconservation.com

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Great egrets

Photo by Tom Grey